"I write about them."

Translation:Io scrivo su di loro.

May 26, 2013

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Could you say, "Io scrivo su di loro"?


"Su di loro" should be accepted; the "di" doesn't add anything to the sentence, but it's quite common.


what does "su" mean?


I got "I write about them" to translate (from a list) and the only choice out of the 3 that was correct was "Io scrivo su di loro" so that is definitely correct.


But is "Scrivo su loro" incorrect?


it's correct!


I'm not sure but I think this would translate to "I write on about them"

"Io scrivo su loro" or "Io scrivo di loro" should be correct.


The correct answer I was provided with was "Io scrivo su loro." I'm confused why it's "su" instead of "sui" since "loro" is plural.


"sui = su + i " , When you have a masculine noun such as "i biscotti", then you could use "sui biscotti", but you do not use a definite article with the pronoun "loro" so you only need the simple preposition "su" and not the form combined with a definite article. http://italian.about.com/od/grammar/a/italian-prepositions.htm http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare153a.htm


This was very helpful. Grazie!


Useful and well explained.


What about "il loro" which means "their"? I know "il loro" is a possessive but I'm sure there is a way for "su" and "il loro" to come together some how


sul loro -> contraction of su + il to : sul


It would have been helpful to introduce the various forms of the preposition before this question was asked with and give examples.


Can someone, please, explain what for is "di" needed in this sentence? I don't seem to follow... Thanks in advance!


Often things are used that are not necessary, but so common that nobody questions why they are there any more. Possibly because both su and di may have other meanings than 'about' including them both emphasises that this is the meaning it has here.


I said, "Scrivo di loro," which was accepted, I guess because it translates to, "I write of them," which is similar to "about them." But I don't understand where the "su" comes in, with the "on" translation I'm familiar with. Can anyone explain this, please? Thanks!!


Su can also mean "on", so in this case, it is like saying "I write on them", where "on" has the sense of writing on a topic. :-)


Io scrivo su DI loro wasn't in my options to tick, only 'Io scrivo su loro.' How do these other people get different choices??


I put 'circa' loro as I had forgotten what the the word for 'about' was and it wasn't in the drop down and it marked me correct. Is this right?

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