"I eat meat."

अनुवाद:मैं मांस खाता हूँ।

August 30, 2014

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ये बहुत अप्पतिजनक content हे। मांस कई भारतीय समाज एबं संस्क्रति मे निषेध है। यह सब दूसरे शब्द प्रयोग करके भी सिखाया जा सकता है। यह गोमांस के लिए भी जाता है। क्रपया इसे बदले।


Thank you for your comment. This course is teaching American English and so it is important to cover all aspect of American culture and language usage. This means that sentences about eating meat, including beef, must be covered - since this is very common in the US. It would be wrong for us to not cover this.

Remember that when learning a language you must learn sentences that don't necessarily apply to you personally. In this course we teach sentences like "I am a man" but there are many people who are not male and so won't be using this sentence to talk about themselves - but that doesn't mean we don't teach it to them. The same applies here. We understand and respect that you do not eat meat, especially beef, but you must be able to use sentences talking about others who do. For example you might have the conversation:

  • Someone else: I eat meat, do you?
  • You: No I don't, I am a Hindu.

I hope you can understand our point of view.


I also feel bad but i know its just sentence. But pic makes me unsuitable.and this is not about law.if change pic then its good.other wise no problem.


You have to change this, there are so many other words, why about meat.


You have change the word please sir ( I eat meat )



Aap meat ki jagah koi or word use karein ji please...

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