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  5. "Hvordan koger du en krabbe?"

"Hvordan koger du en krabbe?"

Translation:How do you boil a crab?

August 30, 2014



Can't "at koge" mean "to boil" or "to cook"? Similar to German "kochen"? If not, why is it specifically boil in this example?


It only means to boil. To cook is "at lave mad".


So if I want to say "How do I cook a crab?" should that be "Hvordan lave jeg en krabbe?"?


In that case since you're talking about how to prepare a crab, I would use the Danish word for 'prepare' (in a cooking sense), so the sentence would be "Hvordan tilbereder jeg en krabbe?"


I believe "at lave mad" is to make food, you can use koger to mean boil or to mean cook. I just did that lesson. (:

  1. Get a crab! Alive is best!
  2. Boil water. (Depending on the amount of crab you need a 20L pot.)
  3. Clean the crab. (Rip the guts out)
  4. Add salt to the water.
  5. Ventilate! (cooking a crab is smelly work)
  6. Put the crab in the pot (usually 8min)
  7. While the crab is cooking melt some butter and add garlic!
  8. When the crab is done, let it cool.
  9. Crack the crab (use a crab cracker - yep, it exists!)
  10. Dip generously in garlic butter and enjoy!


Given your advice, are you suggesting to ‘rip the guts out’ while the crab is still alive, as of step one? That seems rather cruel. However, of course, the original sentence was only hypothetical.


Usually you kill them first.

For a fish you smack them against a tree or rock to kill them. But the boiling would kill the crab just fine. :)


How do you ask a question like this except more generalized? For example, how does one boil a crab?


You would say "man" instead of "du". So "hvordan koger man en krabbe?"


Does anyone have a tip how to easily remember the meaning of hvordan? E.g. hvorfor sounds similar to "what for?" in English and to "waarvoor?" in Dutch, hence "why?" is a piece of cake.


et stykke kage :-)


Hvordan sounds a bit like " Hoe dan".


Does this mean "How do you (the person being asked) boil a crab?," "How does one boil a crab?" or both, being dependent on context?


"du" is always the person being addressed, whereas the generic pronoun "man" is used to express the generic "you" /"one" :) so "how does one boil a crab?" is "hvordan koger man en krabbe? "


That is so genuinely interesting


I can tell you how to catch one without bothering with sinkers, fishing lines, etc.

  1. Get a raw piece of chicken
  2. Tie it to some string
  3. Put it in the water
  4. Wait for a pull on the line
  5. Get the crab to follow the chicken
  6. When is is out of the water, get a friend to scoop it up quickly And use Lars946533's recipe to cook it! Bon appettit!


Ja, men hvorfor? Hvis jeg har en kylling?


How to say koger?


something like kaw'wuh


Hmm I would say k-oh-uh


isn't it pronounced ko'er


i think its something like kougah :D but the best to hear is kaw'wuh of course! :D

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