French Progress Quiz - didnt do it but lost 25 lingots

Hello I just clicked on the Button "take a quiz" at "French Progress Quiz" in the lingot store but then I didn't start the test when he said that it needs 20 minutes. Anyway I lost 25 lingots. Could u please transfer them back to my account?

August 30, 2014


You have lost them forever. However at any time you can take the quiz, until you take it.

August 30, 2014

So how do you get back into that quiz to take it though? If it's still there to take for free like you say, how do you find it?

September 23, 2015

Go to lingot store and scroll down to the progress quiz section and then click take quiz.

October 3, 2015

Happened to me too. Could I please have the credits or the quiz back?

November 11, 2014

Same thing just happened to me - except I WAS ready to take the quiz now, but the screen just kept spinning and eventually took my back to the homescreen. Now I've lost 25 lingots and don't have a way to take the quiz!

September 23, 2015

I don't think anyone is listening. I think you will just have to put it down to experience, c'est la vie.

August 30, 2014
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