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  5. "Then we walk."

"Then we walk."

Translation:Derefter går vi.

August 30, 2014



Is there a difference between saying "Så går vi" and "Derefter går vi"? (Both are accepted, I'm just wondering if they're interchangeable)


The two words can be synonymous, but can also be an interjection used to express that something has finished or that an awaited moment has occurred. Thus, "så går vi" may be synonymous to "nu går vi" in the context that it was implicitly understood that it would happen eventually, but "nu går vi" is distinctly not synonymous to "derefter går vi".

I hope that makes sense :)


Sounds like 'så' is quite similar in usage to English 'so'?

Like, "so we walk" could mean "then we walk," but it also has a bit of a connotation of having been caused by something else. And we can say something like "So! Now it's time to walk."


Why don't we say "vi gar"?


"vi gar" isn't used in this case because the verb and subject switch after an adverb (or a phrase suggesting time or place, such as "near the house" or "before the event").


is the word order important here, i.e. could one say "derefter vi gaar", and still be understood?


Is «vi» correctly pronounced as «vis» in this phrase, because it is the kast word?


No, it's just an error. Pronounce it like "vi".

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