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I had 118,000 XP points all time and now I have 145,000 XP, why?

I know this is not the only "post" about this, but it is still odd. I have more points than I should, and that's no fair I guess and I am not the only one. Why is this happening? Is this a bug?


August 30, 2014


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We used to only track XP by the language you were learning, and not the course (the language you're learning as well as your 'native' language). As we added new courses from the Incubator it became necessary to start tracking XP per course instead of per language. Unfortunately, there is some inherent ambiguity in this transition. We intentionally wanted to benefit users and not penalize them, so in some cases XP was duplicated. If you are upset about your extra XP, you can reset progress in one of your courses for a given learning language.



It seems that we see our own new (bigger) number of XP, but the others still see our former number in their leaderboards. Could this be fixed, please?


Definitely. That's a must. ;)


Bren, if I have two courses that share the same target language and a reset (or remove) one, will it still reset both of them? Or has the recent changes ensured that doesn't happen anymore?

Thank you for the clarifications. I've been getting questions on this lately and haven't been able to give a confident answer.


Hello bren. Would you be kind enough as to also tell us which is the level that shows up in the flag line? Highest? Total of XPs ever learned for the language? Thanks :-)


Good question... I've seen different levels depending on where I look, even from within the same course! :-)



Before I reset my score, I am interested to know whether or not the score we see and the score our followers see will ever be in sync? I will reset it if this isn't going to be fixed so that I see the same thing as them. If it get's updated so that everyone sees the same thing, I won't bother resetting it. Does that make sense?


Only the owl knows... at least I hope he/she/it does ! :-D


This is a big bug. I've seen this on other users' profiles too. This bug is common. It should be fixed soon.


Someone I'm following makes about 15,000 xp a week and it says his all-time xp is 10,000. Big glitch.


How do you check your overall XP?

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