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"Kvinden tager udenlands til sommer."

Translation:The woman goes abroad this summer.

August 30, 2014



It doesnt say "denne sommer"?? then shouldn't it be ok to say "the woman goes abroad for the summer"?


I said the exact same thing! Rediculous that you get wrong for it!!


can you say... for the summer


I tried that. Duo marks it wrong.


don't get the translation. I said for summer

[deactivated user]

    So for Duo ''til sommer'' means ''this summer'', I wonder if one can say ''i sommer'', like ''i dag'', ''i aften'' etc.


    "...for the summer" should be accepted, but note that "til sommer" refers only to this summer. (I checked with a Dane - in the summer would be "om sommeren"). The English would therefore be better as "The woman is going abroad this summer / for the summer", because the given translation, "The woman goes abroad for the summer", would imply every year.

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