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  5. "Kaptajnen elsker sine skibe."

"Kaptajnen elsker sine skibe."

Translation:The captain loves his ships.

August 30, 2014



I think "her ships" should also be acceptable.


Since the captain's gender is not stated why wouldn't "its" instead of his?


Skibe only came up once before it's a new word. I really prefer to have a grasp of the meaning of the word before I use it. Thank God for the underlined hints. As to the gender of the ship. I have always heard that ships boats etc are considered to be female by the general population. I guess that doesn't count in Denmark


Regarding your second point, the gender of ships, how would that affect this sentence? I can see that the gender of the captain will make a difference to the English sentence, but whether you think of the ships as masculine, feminine or neuter makes no difference (either in Danish or in English) to the wording of this sentence.


ships and boats are interchangeable terms in common English and either should be accepted if translating meaning is more important than literal


But just as there are two different words in English, so there are in Danish.

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