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  5. "Pigen er et barn."

"Pigen er et barn."

Translation:The girl is a child.

August 30, 2014



I typed "chile" instead of "child" and it failed me. Darn these fat fingers of mine.


Do they just not pronounce "er"?


It is, but in a sentence it would usually only have an "a" (as in "apple") sound. If you listen very closely, you should be able to hear it in the audio :)


You mean that in spoken danish, you just don't pronounce "er" in these sentences? Or is "er" really slightly pronounced?


It's slightly pronounced.


It kept telling me i was typing in english because i was putting "pigerne er et barn" not "pigen er et barn"


When we use "et" and when "en"?


et is for neuter nouns, en is for everything else ("common gender"). How to tell if a noun is neuter or "common"? There's no way, you just have to learn the gender of a word with every noun.


25% of words in danish are with et and the other 75% are with en. You just have to learn them.


why cant it be "the girl has a child"


Because it sais "er" which means "is"/"are"/"am". Har means has/have


I typed in Danish again. However sometimes if there is a misspelling of a word and I do mean a word it will tell me I was typing in English. I do not understand that. I printed piger er et bornene. I printed it in that particular spelling for the girl because I was given to understand that that is multiple girls therefore I printed the version I believe is the multiple for children now I could be wrong a little bit but I was not printing Danish. This happened sometimes and I would like this corrected thank you


Please use the report button to report issues with Duolingo, whether it is the sentences or the programming. Duo does not read these sentences.


why is this not 'et barn'?


It is "et barn."

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