"Io sono il cuoco."

Translation:I am the cook.

May 27, 2013

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The cook is what you call the person who cooks. You do not call that person the cooker. A "cooker" is sometimes a special pot that you cook food inside, but never the person making the food.


Didnt know that, thxs 4 it


Cook can also be a noun in the English language. Cook = chef... I'm assuming this usage is indicating the same concept.


Is this a breaking bad reference?


You're gosh darn right


I'm puzzled by the number of people who don't seem to know that "the cook" is a synonym for "the chef".... in fact, I would say it's a slightly more common way to say it.


apparently lots of people are not fluent in english, yet decided to get the course for english speakers...


because this course is not available in their native language.


Is every cook a chef? Who is the boss in the kitchen of the restaurant?


The difference is that a chef is a professional, wheras a cook is anyone doingt the cooking. So it follows that every chef is a cook but not vice versa.


Is the feminine version Io sono la cuoca?


i am the cook ? ❤❤❤


what's problem? A cook is a person whose job is cooking. Cooker is a machine to cook food.


I am the chef. Basically.


evo Dora, Oxford dict. says -- cook [noun] = someone who prepares and cooks food: "She's a wonderful cook" f.e. Idiom - too many cooks spoil the broth


Even in english you would not say "I am the cooker." or "He/she is the cooker." You would or could however use the word "cook" as a noun, referring to someone who cooks, as I assume is the case with the word "cuoco". I am more curious as to whether the word cuoco is the same as the word for chef. In english a true chef would be very offended if someone were to refer to him/her as a "cook".


Chef can be "chef" or "capocuoco/a".


for those who have doubts ........ cook is used as a noun as well as a verb (both in english and italian) cook as a noun means chef.


Cook=cuoco; to cook=cucinare


Did anyone reply with the feminine/masculine idea? If you are a female cook, do you say sono la cuoca? or does it stay sono il cuoco even if you are female?


Nearly all the nouns have the masculine and feminine gender, so cuoco and cuoca.



con la Boldrini, poi, ora si amplia tutto!


"I am a cook" is the possible answer in the question "What is your profession?" - i mean that it imports a capacity: I am a dancer, I am a teacher e.t.c. On the contrary, "I am the cook" is a much more rarely used sentence,ex "I am the cook in Lio's resturant" "I am the cook here, so do what i tell you!" because of the definite article. Is this exactly the same in Italian? Io sono il cuoco cannot be the answer in the question "what is your profession"? "Io sono un cuoco" is the right answer?


Cook can be a noun or verb in english. Is it the same with cuoco in italian? Or is it only a noun & another word represents the verb?


To cook = cucinare
A cook = cuoco

Just English.

By the way, to conjugate:
Io cucino
Tu cucini
Lui/lei cucina
Noi cuciniamo
Voi cucinate
Loro cucinano

Although now we do run into the problem where "cucina" can mean both "he cooks" and "kitchen"...


If the speaker is female.. would it be "Io sono la cuoco"? Grazie.


cook-cuoco/cuoca •Io sono il cuoco.- masc**.

•Io sono la cuoca. - fem.


I am the danger. I am the one who knocks.


Why is "I am a cook" not correct


As I understand it, un means a, and il means the.


IO and il sound alike to me. Please help me out.


The task is "type what you hear", not " translate"

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