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Video learning option?

I have an idea! How about a video learning option?

Here's how it goes: Duolingo can upload videos about food, dance, education, amusement, daily life, etc. of the country or city that speaks the language that you are learning. The video can be in the foreign language that you are learning and at the end of the video, there could be questions about the video.

Ex. Video about France's champs-ellysees avenue in Paris.

What is the name of the arc found in Champs-elysees? a. Arc de Triomphe b. Arc de la Concorde c. Arc de Champs

This way, we can learn about culture and still learn about our language!!!

May 27, 2013



Very interesting suggestion ! Video learning would be a great option to have on Duolingo to make language learning lively.


That's a great idea, I love videos for learning.

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