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  5. "Manden er vegetar."

"Manden er vegetar."

Translation:The man is vegetarian.

August 30, 2014



The man is bad hunter should also be accepted. :)


Or such a good hunter that there's nothing left to hunt (-:


This is the simplest version of "vegetarian" I have seen so far.


English - Vegetarian Norwegian - Vegetarianer Dutch - Vegetariër Danish - Vegetar

Yes, it's remarkably smaller than the rest of their Germanic brothers.


yep, usually one of the longer words I've found in each language


I am 'veg' is even simpler


First he was eating pork. Now he became a vegetarian


Tell me about it, I'm getting tired hearing "he's a vegetarian" over and over again :/


I heard that he is a guitar. I'll listen again.


Would "a" vegetarian be accepted as well?


Great question! Unfortunately I'm not really sure.

In languages like German and Danish, etc, the indefinite article is implied when you're talking about a person and their profession: «Han er dommer. Min mor er advokat. Pigen er ingeniør.» However, every sentence I've seen that applies an attribute to a person includes the indefinite article: «Hun er en dreng. Det er en farverig fugl. En bamse er en legetøj.»

That being said, translation's not an exact science, but more of an art, and to most speakers of American English it's acceptable to say "He is a vegetarian," so I'd say that if it makes sense in your head to translate it that way, then translate it that way.

Are there any native speakers that can chime in?


It is no less correct to say "The man is a vegetarian", but it adds an extra article when it could just be "The man is vegetarian." To my knowledge, adding an extra article will not change the meaning of a sentence; it is more of a "filler word," I would think.

Edit: on second thought, I would think that adding the extra article, while not contributing to the meaning, may confuse someone. It might indicate that the following word is an adjective and when it is not, then it is like "zOiNK, yoU wErE FoOlEd." By that, I mean it may confuse someone by making them think something is coming after the word "Vegetarian"

(ex. The man is a vegetarian sympathizer; The man is a vegetarian dietitian; etc;)


That's what I put and it was marked correct.


DuoLingo doesn't accept "is a vegetarian" but it is better English. I mean in English the noun and the adjective are the same, but people would either say "The man is a vegetarian." or "The meal is vegetarian."


So is this an adjective?


No, it's a noun. The corresponding adjective would be vegetarisk. Using the adjective vegetarisk here would be wrong though, as it would indicate that the man is suitable food for a vegetarian.


But clearly not for a vegan, right? ;-)


No, it is a noun.


Duo is literally bulling me lol.

I wrote in Danish as the exercise asked but that message with "please write in English appeared". Now I wrote in English but it keeps displaying the same message


I love how short the word for vegetarian is


Something is wrong with the translater - i type in Danish as instructed and it continues to tell me im writing in English - 5 times I've tried to get past this flaw


I thought this sentence meant The man is a vegetable lolol


When do you pronounce the 'g' and when is it silent? I noticed in other words you don't say it but here you do. Any rules?


"man have a guitar" is what I'm hearing.

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