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whats the fastest

whats the fastest way to learn italian I've been practicing every single day but I want it memorized NOW!! and I've been practicing non stop I'm getting good, but its so hard, I want to get to the point where I can read a piece of music and understand the words (for opera singing)

May 27, 2013



give me advice/ suggestions on how to master this brutally tough language!


Honestly, in many cases even native speakers find it hard to understand opera without the libretto :P It depends, of course, some pieces are clearer than others.

My suggestion is:

  • Find Italian music or videos with lyrics and translation; a random browsing on youtube should land you somewhere.

  • Write all down as you listen and then check with the transcription.

  • Translate and then check the official translation.

Of course this works best for music, as there are very often translated lyrics and original ones available. If you manage to find audiobooks all the better.

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