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"The cat sleeps among the dogs."

Translation:Katten sover iblandt hundene.

August 30, 2014



What's the difference between "iblandt" and "blandt"?


As prepositions, they're synonymous in the meaning of being at a place in the middle of or surrounded by something. However, blandt can also be used to indicate that it is inside a set or group. The phrase blandt andet (abbreviated bl.a.) is very common and means among other things (example: "han er bl.a. forfatter"/"he is among other things an author"). Iblandt can also have the meaning "inside a set or group", but only as an adverb (example (from Den Danske Ordbog): "man støder kun på få skulpturer, men der er perler iblandt"/"you only come across few sculptures, but there are pearls among (them)").


Thanks for the explanation! English doesn't have a decent phrase for "among aother things" (except if you're willing to resort to Latin and use "inter alia"). Good to know that Danish has this covered.

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