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  5. "The apples are good."

"The apples are good."

Translation:As maçãs são boas.

May 27, 2013



what is the difference between boas and bons


boas are for feminine words, bons for masculine ones, they both for plural.


I think the proper way, in a day-to-day usage, would be "estão". For an exemple, if i ordered an apple in a restaurant, and, after tasting it, comentend with someone about it being good or bad i would say "As maçãs estão boas".


I wrote as maçãs são bons-- why is that wrong?


Maçãs is a feminine word, so you have to use boas


What is wrong with using "bom"?


Well. Two points you can't use "bom": 1- you have a definite, feminine, plural article: AS. 2- You have a feminine, plural word: MAÇÃS. So you just have "as maçãs são boas". "Bom" is for masculine, singular words or general context, like in "maçã é bom".

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Wow. So you're saying that even though "maçã" is feminine, if you're making a generalization like "apples are good" as opposed to a specific assessment "this apple is good", you'd use the masculine form of "bom"? Am I understanding correctly?


Yes. Because in this case bom will be a noun, and it have its own gender (masculine).
O bom da maçã é que ela emagrece = The good thing in apples is that they make you slimmer

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What you said makes sense, although it's not quite the same thing that Paulenrique was saying. Obrigada.

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