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"The birth of an animal"

Translation:El nacimiento de un animal

5 years ago



I'm a little bit rusty: isn't "animale" also a word for animal in Spanish?

5 years ago


No, it's "animal" in singular and "animales" in plural ;]

5 years ago


Anímale does exist in Spanish. It would mean to cheer somebody/cheer somebody up and even "to encourgae" sombody

It comes from Animar + le (anima a él), That would be imperative.

It does not have the exact meaning as in English though. You can animate a party (when some lame music is being played, you may always pop some Slayer in) but it is not normally used as "to give live" animate sth... first exception that comes to mind is cartoons: Dibujos animados

5 years ago