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"You will have used that phone."

Translation:Tú habrás utilizado ese teléfono.

5 years ago


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Tendras and habras( both with accents) what makes the difference that tendras is wrong?

5 years ago


Hola WimXL: To form the compound tenses we use a conjugation of "haber". "Haber" means "to have" but only in the sense that it is the helping verb for the compound tense. That is why we use the "tú" form of the future tense as the helping verb in the given sentence -- "You will have used....:/ In modern Spanish, "haber" is never used to mean "to have" in the sense of "to possess", "to hold", etc. For those, we use "tener". To form the accented "á", hold down the ALT key and enter 0225 on the numeric pad.

4 years ago