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"He does not want to live abroad."

Translation:Han vil ikke bo udenlands.

August 30, 2014



Can you also say "i udlandet", instead of "udenlands"? Are they equivalent statements, or does "i udlandet" carry a different meaning/connotation?


'udenlands' is a word from the past, still used, but seldom. 'i udlandet' is more common, more natural. (I'm native Danish)


You can say "i udlandet" as well, it doesn't really make a difference in this sentence.


I'm really confused as to why it's not "Han vil ikke have at bo udenlands." Shouldn't there be an infinite "to" before "bo?" And isn't "vil ikke" translated "will not?"


You have a typo. Han vil ikke leve udenlands.

But my only bubble choice was "lave." I could not choose "leve"!

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