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Pronunciation difference, 'il' and 'ils'

il and ils

elle and elles

I hear the same sound. Is it right?

August 30, 2012



these words are pronounced the same..the difference comes in writing them..however, the pronunciation differs when the plural i.e ils and elles are followed by a vowel or silent h. This is because there will be liason for ils and elles and it will not be there for il and elle. The plural will be pronounced with sound Z..i.e ils habitent since h is silent thus the last s in ils will join with the a in the word habitent to give the sound ZA...


The pronounciations are same but the spellins are different. 'IL' means he(sin. m.) and 'ILS' means them(plu. m.). When using ils, if the following word starts with a vowel, the s sound will be prounced with the word following ils and not with ils. Same for 'ELLE' and 'ELLES'


Typically so with fainter "s" ending sound. More pronounced when the following word is a vowel though, like ils ont.. (Kind of carrying over, I think)


Thank you! I love you guys~

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