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"The bear eats enough for the winter."

Translation:De beer eet voldoende voor de winter.

August 31, 2014



Is there any difference between "voldoende" and "genoeg"?


I read the following rule:

"- Always "het" for words sonsisting(sic) of two syllables and starting with be-, ge-, ver-, ont-: • het begrip, het gedrag, het verlies, het ontzag"

Is this guy/girl wrong? Any other explanation for the difference between de and het? (It's driving me crazy)

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090114164448AAZixO3


There are some rules.. but mostly you just have to learn the article with the noun.


Why isn't 'de beer eet genoeg voor de winter' a correct answer?


It is a correct and accepted answer.


That's odd because it didn't accept my answer when I said that...


Perhaps you made a mistake somewhere. Anyway, if you are convinced that your answer should be accepted use the report function and select that your answer should have been selected.


The bear eats enough for winter would make more sense here.


I think they did this on purpose. "De beer eet voldoende voor winter" wouldn't be a correct Dutch sentence. I guess they learned people that you always translate articles if they are there and don't use them when they aren't in the English sentence. Would be a bit confusing to leave it out in the English sentence in this case.

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