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  5. "Tá sé cúig i ndiaidh a haon."

" cúig i ndiaidh a haon."

Translation:It is five past one.

August 31, 2014



In which region it is phrased " X i ndiadh a Y" to tell the time?

I learnt " X tar éis a Y" in school.


Both work. :)


Is it always "X past Y"? Because in American, we can also say one oh five... And what about the 24 hour clock?


I was taught to "cuig nóiméad tar éis a haon" when i was in school.

Time was usually expressed as X minutes past Y or X minutes to Y.

Although that was a long time ago now, maybe i did learn it this but just preffered to on method over the other.

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