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  5. "Tá sé cúig i ndiaidh a haon."

" cúig i ndiaidh a haon."

Translation:It is five past one.

August 31, 2014



In which region it is phrased " X i ndiadh a Y" to tell the time?

I learnt " X tar éis a Y" in school.

[deactivated user]

    Both work. :)


    I was taught to "cuig nóiméad tar éis a haon" when i was in school.

    Time was usually expressed as X minutes past Y or X minutes to Y.

    Although that was a long time ago now, maybe i did learn it this but just preffered to on method over the other.


    Is it always "X past Y"? Because in American, we can also say one oh five... And what about the 24 hour clock?


    why does haon has "a" at the front but cúig does not?


    cúig is a "conjunctive" number or bunuimhir, because it refers to an amount or quantity (of minutes). a haon is a "disjunctive" number, or maoluimhir - it's just part of a sequence, and doesn't refer to an amount or quantity.



    although the word isnt there, cant its five minutes past one be accepted, as its implied

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