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  5. "Vi læser en mands bøger."

"Vi læser en mands bøger."

Translation:We read a man's books.

August 31, 2014



"a" books?? No.... horrible English. A "set" of books... okay... but that's the wrong article.


"A" is being used for "man's".


we are reading a man's booger


"A man's bookS" sounds pretty wrong to me


Well, listen more closely then. The indefinite singular article refers to 'man', the plural word 'books' is attributed by a possessive ('a man's') and therefore doesn't need an article at all.


Just because it's not common doesn't mean that it's wrong, though.


I understand it is a word-to-word translation of the Danish sentence but (again) the English genitive is abused is this unit!


Come on its wrong english grammar. Change it


This is the translation I see in the app, "We are reading one man's books." That makes even less sense then the translation above. This sentence needs correction...over a year? C'mon Duo!!

We are not supposed to be learning genitive that doesn't exist in translation. "We are reading the man's books" is the same and should be accepted - yes I understand that "the man's" would be different in Danish - then use a different sentence!


I guess that the meaning of using ¨en mands¨ in this sentence is expressly done to point at the difference between that and the definite article ¨the man¨

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