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  5. "Vi læser en mands bøger."

"Vi læser en mands bøger."

Translation:We read a man's books.

August 31, 2014



"a" books?? No.... horrible English. A "set" of books... okay... but that's the wrong article.


"A" is being used for "man's".


"A man's bookS" sounds pretty wrong to me


Well, listen more closely then. The indefinite singular article refers to 'man', the plural word 'books' is attributed by a possessive ('a man's') and therefore doesn't need an article at all.


Just because it's not common doesn't mean that it's wrong, though.


we are reading a man's booger


I understand it is a word-to-word translation of the Danish sentence but (again) the English genitive is abused is this unit!


Come on its wrong english grammar. Change it


This is the translation I see in the app, "We are reading one man's books." That makes even less sense then the translation above. This sentence needs correction...over a year? C'mon Duo!!

We are not supposed to be learning genitive that doesn't exist in translation. "We are reading the man's books" is the same and should be accepted - yes I understand that "the man's" would be different in Danish - then use a different sentence!


I guess that the meaning of using ¨en mands¨ in this sentence is expressly done to point at the difference between that and the definite article ¨the man¨

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