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"Is maith liom Londain ach is fearr liom Amstardam."

Translation:I like London but I prefer Amsterdam.

August 31, 2014



Hmmm... I wonder why?


Tá duilleoga éicint speisialta le fáil ann agus b'fhéidir go bhfuil sí ag iarraidh duilleog le haghaidh a bailiúchán duilleog.


Is as an Ísiltír mé. Tá sé fior :) Is í Amstardam an chathair is fearr cinnte!


Is focal firinscneach é Amstardam.

Is é Amstardam an chathair is fearr


For anyone who is curious, I found out the genders of these cities by searching for "London" in Google, clicking on the Wikipedia page, and switching the language to Gaeilge. The first sentence said "Is í Londain...," so "London" is feminine in Irish. By the same method, "Amstardam" is also feminine, and "Páras" is masculine.


Don't rely on Google Translate. It only takes one or two incorrect examples for Google to start promoting the wrong thing.

Amstardam is masculine.

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