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"Is í mo chailín go fírinneach."

Translation:She is really my girlfriend.

August 31, 2014



So why didn't it take, "She is my girlfriend really"


I'd like to know too why DL didn't take, "She is my girlfriend really"


I gave the same answer and got it marked wrong. Like to know why.


They didn't think of every possible translation when they created the course. Use the Report button the next time you are marked wrong for an answer that you are sure is correct.


Why is not "is í mo chailín í go fírinneach"?


Ulster Irish doesn't use the second í (which is the actual subject) and instead the initial pronoun (which is a sub-predicate in the other dialects) becomes the subject (because something has to be the subject). So this exercise is correct for Ulster Irish.

Maybe go fírinneach is an Ulster expression too?


I doubt it. This course regularly marks Ulster dialect as incorrect, even when I am sure it is.


...except that this is now the second or third time i've gotten a copula between two definite nouns where the second 'í' is absent. The last time I saw a double 'í' construction was in the unit dedicated to it. Ever since, it's been Ulster-style all the way...


If you want to refer to other exercises, then post a link to them - people's memories aren't always as good as they think they are.

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