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  5. "Du er en bjørn."

"Du er en bjørn."

Translation:You are a bear.

August 31, 2014



"I am a bear."

"You are a bear."

"We are all bears!"


Are there any more bears I should know about?




Is this used for the gay slang sense, too?


would like to know this too, or do Danes say 'en bear' in this sense? In Dutch, it stays in English: jij bent een bear.


I've seen it used in danish or in english as a slang.


What do the flags mean above your comment?


It's all the languages you are learning. The number next to it shows your level in that language.


Is 'er' dropped from the sentence?

Listening with headset (don't think anything is wrong with them)- and I can't make out 'er'

Is it a problem with exercise; optional; very subtle- a contraction perhaps?

Appreciate any thoughts/answers in advance.


Whar is the difference between du and i?


Du is singular, as in Du (One person) drikker vand.

I is plural, as in You(Multiple people) drikker vand. This avoids the confusion that exists in English, because you in a singular and plural sense is defined by context clues and not by the words themselves. However, this can get a little confusing on Duolingo, at least where I've seen it.


Yeah, it can be really confusing to learn languages from English on Duolingo. I'm from Germany and we have also different words for Du and I (du/ihr). Thank you very much for the reply, it helps a lot!

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