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  5. "Itheann sibh an ubh."

"Itheann sibh an ubh."

Translation:You eat the egg.

August 31, 2014



"Ye eat an egg"?! is correct? I don't think so!


sibh is plural you and ye is slang for you plural so it would sorta be right


No audio for me to understand how to pronounce 'egg' properly. I was shown the picture option earlier but it had no audio. i had no idea what this was saying to me.

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Is "ubh" feminine?

Wiktionary says it's both masculine and feminine. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ubh

If it were masculine, would we have "an t-ubh" then?

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Oops, should have read the whole Wiktionary article and answered my own question!

"This word is normally feminine and follows the second declension, as shown in the first table above. The archaic masculine declension shown in the second table above is used especially in place names […]."


We use "ye" for you (plural). Is that incorrect?


I am not sure when to use Itheann tu vs Itheann sibh. It seems they both mean you eat, but I don't know when to use which.


How many persons does sibh represent


If sibh is two or more then why was "they eat ..." marked incorrect in favour of "You (plural) eat ... " ?


"we", "you" and "they" are all two or more people, but you can't use "we" when you mean "they", and you can't say "they" when you mean "you".


I hope that's a big egg... Or does it mean that each person in "sibh" gets their own (single) egg?

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