"Hvad er det næste spørgsmål?"

Translation:What is the next question?

August 31, 2014

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Why can you use det for the?


That is a good question

Normaly "the question" translates to "spørgsmålet"

But here we have an adjective between "the" and "question". We do not say "næste spørgsmålet" in danish. insted we translates "the question" to "det spørgsmål" and add the adjective in between --> "det næste spørgsmål"

The ship --> skibet the brown ship --> det brune skib

If we have a n word we use den

The star --> stjernen the bright star --> den klare stjerne


In Norwegian, it's usual to use a redundant definite (det neste spørsmålet, dette spørsmålet, spørsmålet ditt). Is this possible in Danish (in certain styles, dialects...)?

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    i was curious if "what are the next questions" could also be correct answer, but it isn't...can someone explain why?...thnx


    Because "det" is singular. What are the next questions translates to "hvad er de næste spørgsmål"


    Click 'Check' and you'll know! :-)


    Is it alright to say "næste spørgsmål" as in to say just "next question"

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