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How to practice conversational Spanish?

What are the most time-efficient ways to improve my conversation skills in Spanish, while I continue to learn Spanish on Duolingo? Anything that fits into no more than 30 minutes a day with the flexibility of not committing to specific hours (talking to others over the web requires scheduling, which i cannot commit to).

August 30, 2012



I came across a site for finding others to talk to: http://www.italki.com

I have signed up, but I haven't had the confidence yet to talk to anyone!

In the meantime I am just re-watching Futurama in Spanish! http://www.futuramaonline.com.ar/


You could find a native Spaniard on the web who wants to learn English (for example here on Duolingo :) ) and call/e-mail each other each day, for 30 minutes in Spanish and for 30 minutes in English. (Or 15-15 if you want to stay within your 30 minutes.) You can correct each other and give each other suggestions for proper word choice etc. :)


I would guess even listening to spanish tv that may not be perfect but something you can do on the fly... or even a spanish podcast. I am still such a newbie I am not sure.


Hello i am a native speaker of Spanish, and I can Help you if you want , just let me know, I am learning English but my listening is extremely bad so you can help me also .


Suzy - thanks. I re-edited the question a little bit following your answer.


No prob, but I think if you make a real friend, (s)he won't force you to schedule your chats together if you don't want to. ^^ Apart from that, you could search for other online, perhaps more advanced curseses, or even take up a real class. Or you could go on holiday to Spain or Latin Amerika of course! :) Maybe read a simple Spanish book or listen to Spanish music with lyrics? ^^


Also, don't give up on a Spanish text or so if you don't understand éverything. As long as it's not fár above your level, a dictionary does wonders and I advise you to make sure you have it at hand whenever you feel like reading one.


Try some less intimidating writing, make some friends, and then talk with them. Fixoodle is a good place for that.


I am a member of http://wibispanish.com/ it's an awesome conversational group. It has increased my confidence and speaking skills in Spanish quite a lot!


Again, http://wibispanish.com/ it's my conversational club online to practice Spanish. Highly recommended :)

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