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New vocabulary often isn't highlighted

It happens in almost every single lesson, if not every one. It's not a big deal for me personally, as when I see a new word I simply hover over it anyway, but I am pretty sure this isn't supposed to be happening.

An example: https://i.imgur.com/pEabpm8.png

Before that lesson, I had never been introduced to Französisch. I already knew what it meant from my studies elsewhere, but I had never seen it on Duolingo before.

Edit: Another example: https://i.imgur.com/ofnxvsF.png

I had never been introduced to Bürger on Duolingo before that, yet it wasn't highlighted.

Edit 2: Another example, same situation. This time with the word Verhältnis


Edit 3: Same thing, but this time with Bevölkerung.


That's my last edit, because I think you guys get the idea by now.:)

August 31, 2014



I was wondering the same thing over the last few days. I had several new lessons in which no words were highlighted, but on my first new lesson today they were. I just assumed it was me not being able to remember if I had already seen the words or not.


I've heard this from a few of our users in Danish too.


i don't see any purpose in the highlighting except as a prompt to suggest that you can peek at it (hover) without incurring a penalty on the strength of the word. if it doesn't mean that, it would seem to be largely just a visually interesting feature.

i'm certain i'm seeing novel words that are not being highlighted. my working hypothesis is that the highlighting is on only when you a see a word for the first time, the first time that lesson is accessed. in other words, "rabbit" is highlighted the first time rabbit appears, the first time i do "animals". later duo will de-gold "animals" ostensibly because some of the original "animals" vocab is weakened, but actually because not all the animals vocab was introduced on the first pass thru that skill. so duo introduces "hyena" which was certainly not presented originally. but "hyena" is not highlighted in yellow because you have already gone through the "animals" skill and you are now revisiting it.


I had this problem for the first time today. None of the new words are being highlighted. It's not a huge problem but I would quite like that important feature to actually work.


I get this problem often so it has not been fixed yet. My problem is with German also.

I never hover over words unless they are new, or after I have answered incorrectly. I am finding this bug very annoying.

I know the post is quite old, I did a Google search and this was the top google search.


This just happened in Spanish on lesson 3 of places. Not a single new word was highlighted. In earlier lessons the words were introduced, now it just gives blanks like it expects you to already know the word.

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