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  5. "You eat a sandwich."

"You eat a sandwich."

Translation:Você come um sanduíche.

May 27, 2013



Are both "Voce come um sanduiche" & "Tu comes um sanduiche" correct here/


thanks...I'm begining to feel like I'm learning now....after about 14 days...and still really enjoying it. I need to find someone to talk with face to face.


The Mixxer is a really great language exchange website. That´s not the URL, so if you´re interested, just google it! I improved my Spanish immensely by talking with native speakers from all over the world (well, all over Spain and Latin America :P). There are speakers of every language you can imagine, and everyone I talked with was really patient and also really eager to practice English.


Cool - so is using the Tu/comes (i.e. "...es" conjugation) an order vs the Voce / come combination more of a general statement or vice versa? or is my philosophical premise just completely wrong?

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