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  5. "Zij zien zes olifanten."

"Zij zien zes olifanten."

Translation:They see six elephants.

August 31, 2014



Anybody else having a ton of problems with the mic'd questions? It seems like no matter how loud I yell nor how slow I go it generally has no idea what I'm saying. Also when I try to go slow it stops trying to pick me up about halfway through the sentence. Anybody have any advice for getting it to pick me up better or will I just have to wait it out?


The Dutch speech recognition questions were only introduced last week, and there are still a ton of kinks to work out. You are definitely not the only one who has been having trouble. So give the Duolingo team some time to improve things. In the meantime, you could turn off the microphone in your settings if you are getting too frustrated. But trying the mic questions now and then might give the team more data to figure out what's wrong.


Ok, thank you, that's what I needed to hear.


Same here. Especially the numbers in the questions are completely ignored. I'm having this trouble also with the German and sometimes with the French course though. (But that might just be my bad pronounciation :)


Why isn't "They are seeing six elephants." correct? I think, it is even mor correct than "THey see...".


Why not "Ze zien zes olifanten"?


Less bugs, more fixes!

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