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"Úsáidtear cruthanna cosúil le triantáin, ciorcail agus dronuilleoga i matamaitic."

Translation:Shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles are used in mathematics.

August 31, 2014



Why is the answer, Shapes are used like triangles circles and rectangles in mathematics, Incorrect.


The underlying sentence is "Shapes are used in mathematics". "Like" refers to examples or similar things or activities. The duo version groups "like" with the shapes and refers to the shapes by suggesting types as examples, "shapes like (such as) triangles, circles and rectangles" are used in mathematics. The way you suggest places like with usage (used like triangles (etc)). This suggests that shapes are used in mathematics the way triangles (etc) are used. That is the best description I can come up with for the difference.


Ní ghlactar le ''maths'' le haghaidh ''matamaitic''........


"Shapes are used like" should be acceptable!


What do you think that "shapes are used like triangles" means?

To me, it means "shapes are used the way triangles are used", which isn't the same thing.

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