Language Learning Through Hans Christian Andersen

In celebration of the new..ish Danish course here is a list of Hans Christian Andersen's stories available in Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, English, French and Italian. There is a long list of them and you can compare them between languages side by side (and also, as found by davidvdb, the Brothers Grimm's fairy tails available in even more languages) . It has all of the famous ones and even some of the lesser known titles (or at least ones I've never heard of).

August 31, 2014


Maybe add this one too :) It's available in Danish, Dutch, German, Spanis, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese.

August 31, 2014
August 31, 2014

Project Gutenburg has a ton of books online in various languages, for free. However, the books are mostly really, really advanced. Still, a good resource if you want to give your skills a hefty workout. And it's nice to be able to search by language. Some of the languages only have a handful of books, some have hundreds.

To quote from their browse by languages section:

Languages with more than 50 books: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog.

Languages with up to 50 books: Afrikaans, Aleut, Arabic, Arapaho, Breton, Bulgarian, Caló, Catalan, Cebuano, Czech, Estonian, Frisian, Friulian, Gaelic [Scottish], Galician, Gamilaraay, Giangan, Greek [Ancient], Hebrew, Icelandic, Iloko, Interlingua, Inuktitut, Irish, Japanese, Kashubian, Khasi, Korean, Lithuanian, Maori, Mayan Languages, Middle English, Nahuatl, Napoletano-Calabrese, Navajo, North American Indian, Norwegian, Occitan, Ojibwa, Old English, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Slovenian, Telugu, Welsh, Yiddish.

Link to the Italian books: . Near the top of the page from that link, you will also see where you can choose a different language.

September 1, 2014

Great resources Xneb and davidvdb!, Thanks for sharing.

September 1, 2014

i love all the grimms stories!!!

March 6, 2017
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