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  5. "Ninjaen spiser ris."

"Ninjaen spiser ris."

Translation:The ninja eats rice.

August 31, 2014



Well... okay, so "ninja" is a word I must know in Danish? Good to know.


I took it to show how non-Danish words get Danish-ized, as in, ninjaen = the ninja.


Here they use the word ris, whereas in another sentence "riser" was mandatory; when to use which?


Do you mean "risen"? It means "the rice", which is sometimes used instead of the plain "ris", or "rice". There is no "riser" as far as I know...it would translate to "rices". : )


So sorry it took so long to get back to this, I just recently found the exercise that contains my problem. In the "definites" exercises, one of the sentences is "Fuglene spiser risene" and I recall that "risene" was mandatory. So when do we use risene and when do we use ris?


I'm not very good at explaining things like this...you should ask someone who understands/speaks Danish fluently.


When you are using it as a mass noun, it is "ris". If you are referring to, for example, several varieties of rice, use the plural form "risene".


So is "ninja" a common profession in denmark or...?


Why 'is eating' incorrect


It shouldn't be, as both present tense and continuous form should be accepted when translating the Danish present tense. If you come across this again, please report it.

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