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  5. "Come hai preso la decisione?"

"Come hai preso la decisione?"

Translation:How did you make the decision?

May 27, 2013



"How have you taken the decision?" (my answer) and "How did you make the decision?" (duo's preferred answer) have totally different meanings in English. Are they both actually present in Italian, or is duo being kind to me?


I fully agree. I had 'how have you taken the decision' which implies a decision has been made by someone else, and asks you, how you feel about it. This is completely different to asking someone how they, themselves, made the decision. Strano!


No actually in British English we say take a decision rather than make a decision and it means exactly the same thing as you Americans mean!


Reverso.net translated it as "how did you feel about the decision" - another way of saying "how did you make the decision.

Duo seems wrong here.


Shouldn't "how have you made the decision?" be allowed here as well?


How about "how have you reached the decision?"


I had "reached" also. Think it is the same thing


Same thing as "made", but neither is even close to what "take the deicision" means.


Wouldn't some form of the verb rendere make the most sense, or at the very least, fare?


Reporting "make the decision" as an erroneous translation. 1/7/17


It would be helpful to have an Italian speaker weigh in on this.

From my limited searching it appears that when a decision is what is being made, prendere is the verb to use. Just another Italian idiosyncrasy. :)


I don't see how preso translate to make.There is a difference between making a decision and taking a decision. I think the difference is whether you are translating from British English or American English.


While "take" can mean how did you react to the decision, it also means make a decision, with perhaps a slight emphasis on what tipped you over the line.


this sentence has no meaning.

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