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Why does this end in a question mark? - "Ja bitte?"

August 30, 2012



Because it's a question. You could translate it as "how can I help you?"


A literal translation may be "yes, please"? Indicating a willingness to help


@wthiekle. Please explain this further to me. Why would it be incorrect to answer "Ja, bitte."? Yes = ja, for consenting to the beer and bitte = please, for thanking for the kind act. If you responded to "Would you like a beer?" with "Ja, bitte?" (incl. the question mark), we might assume that the responding speaker did not catch everything of the question. Point is: language exists in context, that we cannot always pinpoint, language is thus ambigue. So "Ja, bitte?" can mean a whole lot!


@wthielke + Julika: I agree with Julika. "Ja, bitte" seems perfectly fine to me in response to "would you like a beer?"

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