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"Comhairimid na daoine traidisiúnta agus na daoine proifisiúnta."

Translation:We count the traditional people and the professional people.

August 31, 2014



I reported it as "the Irish sentence is unnatural or has an error", which is unsatisfactory, but the best I could do, as the sentence does not make sense in either language!


I'm a bit confused, is there a double meaning? Traditional and professional people are completely intertwined, you cannot count them separately, it'd be like saying "I count the humans and the Chinese". Unless i suppose your looking for percentages of people but i don't get that feeling from the answer.


Are "na doine traidisiunta" like "blue collar" workers and "na daoine proifisiunta" like "white collar" workers? Is that what this sentence means?


I quit trying to find meaning / reason behind a lot of the sentences presented here. Many of them make no literal / logical sense, so trying to find a “meaning” just doesn’t work.

For example: “Do you import people?”

I could guess at what this exercise might imply, but it would only be a guess.


I took it to mean that country folk are distinct from professional folk.


Is there a secondary meaning to the word Comhairimid which implies a conglomerate of people rather than incremental counting? I'm asking about a meaning similar to the American phrase "we count on the people...", or "we count the people on our side who..."


I'm glad it's not just me.


Reminds me of an intersection in maths, we have circle A and circle B. Where the two overlap is the intersection we call C except in this problem here neither traditional people nor professionals ever get into section C.


Well, I agree it's (yet another) strange sentence, but there's really nothing to say that the two groups don't overlap.


I'm thinking "traditional" as in "trade skills" where one would apprentice like carpentry or metalworking.


Well, it IS census time in the USA.


Maybe it's a poll: do you value tradition or professionalism more?


any reason why 'persons' is considered an incorrect translation for daoine?

[deactivated user]

    English speakers don't say "the traditional persons", they say "the traditional people".

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