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"Kvinden ved ikke, om han er vegetar."

Translation:The woman does not know if he is a vegetarian.

August 31, 2014



The comma threw me off on this one. Does it serve a purpose in Danish?


The comma is important, I know that. I'm sure fully why, but it is. I think there are resources on the Danish discussion page that will help. :)


The meaning is the same, even without the comma, but it would not be a correct Danish sentence without it. For now, don't worry about it. Leave it for when you're fluent (or live here) :-)


there is usually (always?) a comma between clauses


But these aren't two clauses, one is a subordinate clause. What the woman doesn't know is if the man is a vegetarian. The woman doesn't become ignorant if the man is a vegetarian, but smart if he eats meat.



There always were when i was in elementry school 15 years ago, but comma rules have changed twice since then. Now some are optional as i understand it.


I don't know if it's still helpful but as far as I understand it after every 'head word' (verbs that are in any way connected with the head like think, see,...) there need to be a comma in this context. So every time you have a sentence with a 'head word' (I really don't know a better name for it) and there is a word like ,hvis' ,om' you know that there is a comma inbetween.

But I am not a Dane so if I am wrong please correct me.


Why "om" instead of "hvis"?


Why isn't it "En vegetar"? since the English translation is "a vegetarian"?


I believe the translation could either be 'if he is vegetarian' (using the adjective) or 'if he is a vegetarian' (using the noun). They pretty much mean the same meaning so they're both accepted.


I think you could include the translation of 'om' as 'whether' as that explains the difference between 'hvis' (if) and 'om' (whether).


Question of clarification, would òm han er en vegetar`also be correct? If so, which is more common to hear from native born speakers? Using or omitting the indefinite article?


"The woman doesn't know that he's a vegetarian" should be correct too!


Kvinden ved ikke, hvis han er vegetar?


Is "the woman doesn't know about him being (a) vegetarian" not correct then ?


The woman don't know if he is a vegetarian?


2nd time i encounter a similar GenderSwapUp


The vegetarian is back! I hope they don't use it as much as last time...

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