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  5. "In reality, I am a turtle."

"In reality, I am a turtle."

Translation:In werkelijkheid ben ik een schildpad.

August 31, 2014



I refuse to believe, that I am not a banana


that is exactly what I thought, and will long thing about....


Pardon, ik bin ein apfel!


Is there anything wrong with "In realiteit, ik ben een schildpad"?


It's more common to say "in werkelijkheid" than "in realiteit".

Also, word order in Dutch works differently. You need to have the verb come in the second position of the sentence.

The prepositional phrase "in werkelijkheid" comes in the first position in this particular sentence, so the first conjugated verb "ben" comes in the second position.


What if I use a comma to divide the sentence? "In werkelijkheid, ik ben een schildpad."


No, unfortunately that just doesn't work in Dutch.... The comma shouldn't be there, and the Subject+Verb-combo must be inverted into "ben ik" :) I believe that the rule is that in Dutch, the Verb Phrase must always(!) be the second phrase of the clause.


duo translates reality into werkelijkheid, waarheid and realiteit. however it refused my answer "waarheid ben ik een schildpad". waarom?


Waarheid is more like truth (I wonder why Duolingo translates reality to waarheid, seems quite wrong or very niche)

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