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"The marriages"


August 31, 2014



anyone know an easy way to remember how this is spelled?


Try splitting it into the words it's made of "ægte" and "skab" (literally true and (although it's not really the meaning here, I think it's just a suffix, like -ship) cupboard)


In this word ‘-skab’ means ‘-ship’. It is cognate to the English suffix, but also to Danish ‘-skap’, Dutch ‘-schap’, Icelandic ‘-skapur’, German ‘-schaft’, Frysian ‘-skip’ and Low Scots ‘-schip’.


where is frysian spoken may i ask


And "ægte", presumably, is cognate with German "echt" ("real")


Absolutely correct!


I just remember it as egg scab


Ditto, though I think "True Ship" is a bit more poetic.


True closets would be more modern :-) hence, coming out of the closet :-)


That's what my danish friend translated it to :D


I cannot write this as my keyboard does not have AE so it won't accept my spelling.

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The same for me !


Guys, if you are on a chromebook (and write this down),

Æ is ctrl+shift+u+00c6+enter

æ is ctrl+shift+u+00e6+enter

Å is ctrl+shift+u+00c5+enter

å is ctrl+shift+u+00e5+enter

Ø is ctrl+shift+u+00d8+enter

ø is ctrl+shift+u+00f8+enter

É is ctrl+shift+u+00c9+enter

é is ctrl+shift+u+00e9+enter

If you are on an iPad, just hold down the letter and other letters will appear of that root letter. If you are on a different computer, then just use the little boxes on the little accent boxes below the sentence. It saves a TON of time.


Generally my phone will accept AE except on this one occasion when it will not, and end up losing the whole exercise. Please Duo put it right.


also it doesnt accept it when you put ae in the beginning you have to put æ or Æ


When I complete Duolingo on my phone, the Danish, especially, I am unable to use some of the Danish letters. For example, "aegteskaberne" is not accepted nor is "agteskaberne." As a result, I was not allowed to complete the lesson and lost all the work I had done. This same problem has happened with other Danish letters that are not on my phone. Others have noted this problem. Do you have a solution? When using my phone, German lessons will accept the omission of the umlaut and Spanish will accept the omission of the accent marks and notation (tilly) over the "n." Also, when using my phone, French will accept the omission of accent marks. What is the solution? Why can I not use my phone for Danish lessons sometimes? Please help.

Also, Danish does not seem to provide mini-lessons prior to a lesson as I see in my German, French, and Spanish. There seems to be no light bulb option for lessons related to the exercise. Of the four languages I am studying, Danish is the most difficult and the one for which I most need guidance. Please help. Do Duolingo adminsitrative staff ever answer such questions? Most discussion seems to come from other users of Duolingo.


I tried "bryllupene", but the answer was graded as wrong. Then I checked the English Wiktionary, where the Danish "bryllup" (meaning both wedding and marriage) does not get a definite plural form. In Norwegian, however, the definite plural is said to be both "bryllupa" and "bryllupene". Would someone be so kind to explain this here situation? Tusen tak.


The indefinite and definitely plural of "bryllup" is "bryllupper" and "bryllupperne" though, according to Den Danske Ordbog from ordnet.dk, "et bryllup" is just the ceremony (a wedding), where "ægteskab" is the legally recognised union of two people (a marriage).


Tusen tak for dit svar.


i wrote giftemålene, and that is wrong aswell (im danish) so my english may be the skill letting me down here!


I haven't danish Keyboard


Nor me. Driving me nuts!


I don't seem to have a way of sticking A to E AE. It has been accepting my separate letters for all the other answers. Help.


I have no idea on a phone but with a keyboard it is not difficult, there are only 3 letters. I am not certain but the danish keyboard is very similar to the english one, only the 3 letters are different and the accents.

type 146 while holding Alt key : Æ

or 145 : æ

For the ø type 0248 : ø ( Do not forget the 0, it is not 248 but 0248)

The Ø is 0216 : Ø (same as above, don't forget the 0)

for the å it is 134 : å

the Å is 143 : Å

Or you can use a danish keyboard emulator ( on windows) but without a visual keyboard it is not so easy.

å Å is the key just right to the P, between p and ^

ø Ø is... The very last key on the right on the second row (right of æ)

and æ Æ is between the L and the Ø, left of ' or * and 2 keys right of K

The keyboard layout is :




Numbers row is 1234567890+´ and !"#¤%&/()=?`

The main problem on a danish keyboard is to tell the difference between ´and ' (apostrophe and accent)


My phone cannot correctly write the AE conjoined. This is SO frustrating


I keep having a problem with the , 'AE'. My keyboard doesn't do Danish! Help pls!


Just discovered if I hold down the a key it gives me æ !


I don't understand why we could not say bryllupperne here. I don't see the difference between wedded and married But maybe in english marriage is never used for the ceremony, only for the state.


It wont accept my AE as my keyboard does not have the required special characters


Another case of the system.not accepting ae separately instead of the Danish vowel joined together.


On my phone, press the A key. It brings up extra letter, including Æ. Presume it works the same on a computer.


Same problem, the system has not allowed the separation of a and e.


On my phone press A key which brings up extra letters including Æ. Presume this works on a computer


My answer should have been right. Its spelt just like the way it appears as a correction


My keyboard do not have vocabulary Danks..plis dont mark this an error


I don't have a Dansk keyboard. So I can't get past this word.

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