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The app trumpets at the end of each lesson

I know that in the Duolingo app, I get to hear lovely "ta-da!" trumpet noises after every lesson that I complete, as well as at the end of each unit AND when I level up. When I do Duolingo on the computer there are no trumpets! It's like I get no reward for my hard work. Is there a way to convince the Duolingo staff to add the trumpets to the website for regular computers?

May 27, 2013



This has already been pushed on Friday to half our users as an AB test. If after a few days we see it doesn't hurt anything, it will be pushed to all users:)


Update: All users now have the option to have sound effects:) They are enabled by default and may be turned off in Settings. Enjoy!


How do you turn It off in the app? No settings options there.


Well, I think the trumpet is too loud and really doesn't do me much good, thus I am grateful for the option to mute the trumpet in the settings :)


It really motivates me to hear the sound effects. :)


What libbyowly said. Yay!!

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