Chat Rooms

I think it would be cool if there were chat rooms for practicing whatever language you are currently learning with other people (Maybe close to the same language level as you?).

May 27, 2013


I think this is a useful idea, particularly if native speakers of the language joined in and helped people with their learning.

Yeah, maybe they could have a special status. Btw, nice streak!

Indeed it would be great. As a french native speaker I would be happy to help out other people learning my language and would hope to be able to practice my Italian as well.

I think it's an excellent idea.

This would be awesome ! :)

This would be very beneficial, especially if you could chat with those with the same level. Makes it a lot less intimidating :)

I get that it wouldn't be in a web browser, but why not just join into some IRC channel like freenode#duolingo-fr or freenode#duolingo-de?

This would make this website all the better, it combines all the best parts of language learning.

very good idea !

Oooh, yes, that would be good. Even though all I can say so far is der Ei ist nicht rund. :)

DAS Ei ist nicht rund ;)

Danke! See, I need MUCH more practice. With VERY tolerant people.

After SRS (Spaced repetition) and translation, live exchange with others is naturally the next step in language learning. I'm not sure whether or not providing such an environment would go beyond duolingo's initial mission of "translating the web", but I'm all for it nevertheless. It's 2013 and there is hardly any decent chatroom for language learners out there that isn't either built in Flash (slow, not portable) or flooded with spammers and freaks looking for a relationship (annoying). Having said that, regardless of whether duolingo ever develops a chatroom or not, a basic integration with VoIP software (Skype, Ekiga, Ventrilo) would be a great start, and an IRC channel is a must!

I think that would be useful for people (like me) who learn the language but can't carry on a conversation.

Yeah, I think it would help so much. I am available to help Spanish Students in Duolingo, I'll help with pleasure. :)

An IRC channel would be really easy to set up. Password-protected channels and a few moderators (who could be "trusted users" would probably suffice to keep out the riffraff.

I'm unable to use a microphone with my computer, does the website correct your pronunciation? I think a chat room where users could connect and then talk to one another would be extremely beneficial or even utilize web cam access.

и никого из России?????????

Me too, i would like to have a chat room , to practice english or other language . I am french and i think it will be a plaisure to write with people . I like duolingo, i practice almost everyday .

I am an English speaker, have taken 2 semesters of collège French, but need oral compréhension and conversational practice. I and a fellow classmate are looking for an online, skype, or text site for such to practice.

Chat rooms would make duolingo 10x better (in my opinion)

chat is literally cat with an h

can I please have a lingot

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