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  5. "De gele vlag is van jou."

"De gele vlag is van jou."

Translation:The yellow flag is yours.

August 31, 2014



If someone gave you a flag, how could you say "the yellow flag is from you"?


I wonder the same thing since "van jou" seems to translate to "from you" too.


What if many had given you flags? Then you could have guessed that he or she had given you the yellow.


you would say "de gele vlag is voor jou" in english this is "the yellow flag is for you"


No, that's what the giving person would say. But if you e.g. gave me a yellow flag, and then five minutes later asked me where i got that flag, I could reply "It is from you". How would i say that in Dutch?


You say "het is van jou". it's the same thing


That's just how they say it in the Netherlands. For example if someone asked me "whose book is that?" I could reply "het boek is van mij", although it doesn't make a great deal of sense in English, it does in Dutch


I think van can also mean "of" in the sense of belonging to. Like the mother of the bride or the stables of the king. Getting rarer and rarer in English now, but might help for remembering.


What's the difference between jou and jouw?


Jou is you (object), jouw is your.


So the English word "you" can be translated as jij, je, jullie, or jou?


Help....warning, I'm having a slow day. I typed "The flag is for you." which apparently is not the same as "The flag is yours." as stated above. It told me I got it wrong and that the answer is "The flag is from you." So i guess my question(s) is/are What is the difference in for you/yours/from you? Am I completely missing this because I'm trying to translate literally? Bedankt!!


Sorry, i don't have an answer but, like you, i am also a little confused by this. It accepted my answer of the flag is "from you", but it says it also accepts the flag "is yours". To me these seem like entirely different statements. I'm not sure how they can both be acceptable unless the language allows some ambiguity in this phrase that you then have to work out in the context.


What word for "yours"?


it suspends from the stence. yours can be translated to jouw or jou. form yours--> van jou. it is your cat --> het is jouw kat


Why isnt is "The yellow flag is for you"?


That would be "De gele vlag is voor jou"

[deactivated user]

    Why Not jouw?


    jouw= your

    Jouw vlag is geel. (Your flag is yellow.)

    van jou= yours (or in certain contexts, 'from you')

    De gele vlag is van jou. (The yellow flag is yours).

    Hope this helps.

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