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Suggestion(s): Hearts Replenish and Autosave

Can it be added that hearts replenish after so many correct answers are provided? Because it very seriously frustrates me to be on the very last bit of a lesson and I make one tiny mistake that makes me have to do the ENTIRE lesson over again.

And along with that, can the lesson autosave after each bit is complete? Sometimes there is an error and I have to refresh the page or I have to leave (or sometimes I'm even just feeling incredibly lazy and stop working after a bit or two in a lesson) and I don't want to have to start COMPLETELY over again and again.

Thank you.

May 27, 2013



I have recently found myself failing the same lesson on the last, or second to last, sentence and having to start all over again. But I think this is something that we need. If I fail a lesson, whether on the third sentence or last, that shows me that I do not know the vocabulary, grammar, structure etc in enough detail and it would benefit my learning to repeat all of it.

It may seem like you have to repeat the same word or basic sentence a lot doing this but it will definitely help you to get that word firmly stuck in your brain; rather than seeing the word once and then not using it for a month and completely forgetting it (as I have found a number of times).

I agree the autosave feature would be pretty helpful, but whenever my browser closes or the app closes by mistake I take it as an opportunity to strengthen the words further and improve my language.


Yes, I took that into consideration. So maybe the features could be option in the settings. Then everyone could have choice.


I definitely second both suggestions!


yes please, this would be fantastic!

-maybe there could be bonus questions that let a person gain back/earn more hearts near the end if one chooses to do so?


motion carried unanimously and i am unanimous in that


Autosave is an absolute MUST in my opinion. How many of us phone users play (I'm new to this but I've played other games) until our battery is drained? I've had my phone tell me I have 10% left on my battery for it to just shut off on me, so it's not reliable. I was really disappointed when I realized that it would not save my progress.

As for the repeating level thing, I oddly agree with the OP and the dissenting Amerath. You both have very valid points.

What if there was a way to select and do an extra round with problem words/sentences? Maybe the app can keep stats on these and give us the option to start over or do a bonus translation round with those problematic things. The bonus round may not give us the same number of points, but is a faster track to move up for those not wishing to go back to the beginning.

Just a thought.

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