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  5. "He has the clothes."

"He has the clothes."

Translation:Tá na héadaí aige.

August 31, 2014



Which eclipsis/lenition rule does this question follow that I need to write "héadaí" and not "éadaí"?


How do we know that this is plural? Is Éadaí always plural?


Like many other European languages, Irish uses a different definite article for plurals than for singular nouns ("le" and "les" in French, "el" and "los" in Spanish, etc). You can tell that na héadaí is plural because na is the plural definite article in the nominative case.


and in other (non European) languages too, eg "te" and "nga" in Māori.


How do I know, that this noun is plural? It says "the clothes" which could be both, couldn't it?


"éadaí" is introduced at the beginning of the lesson as "clothes", does "na héadaí" mean "the clothes"? why is there an "h" added before"na"? Adding tips on this lesson would be very helpful...


An and Na. Get them confused. When do I use them.


In most cases, na is plural.
An fear - "The man"
Na fir - "The men"
An madra - "The dog"
Na madraí - "The dogs"
An leabhar - "The book"
Na leabhair - "The books"
An ceist - "The question"
Na ceisteanna - "The questions"

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