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"The books are in my brother's green suitcase."

Translation:De boeken zitten in de groene koffer van mijn broer.

August 31, 2014



why not accept the diminutives in these sentences? It seems pointless to learn them in one lesson only for them to be marked wrong in the next


Please give us the benefit of the doubt, as we're still in beta, so there are still going to be missing alternatives. It's not that we aren't accepting them on purpose, we just haven't gotten reports suggesting them as alternatives yet. So, please just use the report function if you haven't already. Thank you!


zitten/liggen : these are confusing. I would imagine a book to be lying rather than to be sitting. Zitten is incorrect according to duolingo.


"zitten" is often used in conjunction with "in"

So if an object is "in" something, it usually "sits" there, but in this sentence "liggen" would not be incorrect either, so I've added it to the alternatives.


Indeed this can be confusing. A rule of thumb is that things that can (theoretically) fall over staan (auto, fiets, paal) and things that can't liggen (vloer, grasveld, berg). For some things it depends on their position het boek staat and het boek ligt, de vrouw zit and de vrouw ligt and de vrouw staat. Then you have things that are inside something else, these zitten.

  • de boeken zitten in de koffer (the books are in the suitcase)
  • de eieren zitten in de mand (the eggs are in the basket)


This was very helpful!

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