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glitch in strengthen...

I was going back over the skills individually (as in strengthen food etc) and one asked me five questions and I was finished, a different one asked me two and I was done. Didn't have a way of reporting it so I'm putting it here.

August 31, 2014



I reported this a few days ago. AlexinIreland has said that Duolingo has been made aware of the issue.


I strengthened the Feelings and Traits skills and was asked to translate Fear=Man four times. That was the whole lesson.

A few of the testing out options only gave one or two questions as well. Definitely a glitch I'd say. The same thing used to happen me is Spanish.


when I tried to strengthen Lenition I was only asked one question. and it was over. I got 13 xp points and a lingot. Not bad. But not fair either ( I didn't mind the extra lingot though)

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