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  5. "Het regent."

"Het regent."

Translation:It rains.

September 1, 2014



Het regent mannen, hallelujah!


The pronunciation is wrong for regent. The "reg" should be more like raygun not like reg in regular. Like régent.


You are right. I guess they cannot switch between 2 different options yet. Regent pronounced as it is here has the same meaning as the word regent in English.


The mispronunciations are really putting me off. I report the audio each time this happens. Another mispronunciation that the female voice does is when she says, "een". It is supposed to be "un", but she says it as if it is "één", which is "ain", like in pain.


why is this not "the rain"?


"The rain" would be "de regen". "To rain" in Dutch is "regenEN". This means the conjugation is "ik regen (which for obvious reasons is ridiculous), jij regent (same), (hij/zij/) het regent," etc.


i have the same question and get confused too, but then i realize that in this part we are learning about verb. so that "it rains" not "the rain".


That would be "het regen" I think. the noun forms are going to be the same as the infinitives


Het can mean ''it'' or ''the''. It means either of these things. In this example, it means it, not the.


En het regent Het regent Zonnerstralen! <3


Het regent, het zegent, de pannetjes worden nat. Er kwamen twee soldaatjes aan, die vielen op hun gat.


het regent means that the rain is falling at the moment out of the cloud(s). The pronunciation is wrong, the first e should sound a wee bit longer, like reegent.

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