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Not getting daily reminders in Italian (only French)


Duolingo is great. You guys are doing an amazing job.

I was wondering if you could help with small problem. I've haven't been getting daily reminders for Italian since Feb. I have: Email me when I forget to practice language ticked for both languages but I only get French.

Is there another unsubscribe option I'm missing?



May 27, 2013



Hi Chris! Thanks for the kind words:) Before we look into this further, could you check your spam folder for Duolingo emails? Recently, some of our users have found that gmail has been directing Duolingo emails to spam. Thanks!


Nothing in spam no. I've been trying to work this one out for a while!


Edit: Ah, it seems that we stop sending reminders after a while if you haven't been active in a language for a long time. Just earn any points in Italian and you should receive them again:)


Yup Im afraid I already tried that.


Are you sure? Our records indicate that your last Italian activity was on February 13.


Ok i will give it a go again but the reminders stopped when I being active daily. It's the reason I stopped being active because I didnt get the reminders - not the other way around :)

I'm only bringing it up now because I got a french reminder.


I haven't been able to switch to French duo lingo now that I started Italian. How can I get back to French as well. Maybe you only allow one language at a time?

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